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1ST Bearings


Non-standard bearings are available upon request.

Material : Standard bearings are made from high quality through hardened steel 52100. Stainless Steel units are made from high quality AISI 440 C stainless steel to combine corrosion resistance as well as hardness and strength.

Dimension tolerances and runout accuracy: 1ST bearings are ranged from ABEC-1 toABEC-7. ABEC-1 is standard grade, while ABEC-3 is higher, ABEC-5 is much higher and ABEC-7 is the highest.

Internal Clearance : C2 ( tight), C0 ( stanard), C3 (loose), C4 ( extra loose)

Vibration: Vibration acceleration: Z, Z1, Z2, Z3,from low to high.

                  Vibration velocity: V,V1,V2,V3, from low to high

Lubrication: Most bearings are prelubricated with Mobil Polyrex EM or Chevron SRI-2 grease, which provides excellent lubrication up to 350F. 

Packing: industrial rolls or single box